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Nobody knows who the Norwegian vocalist behind some of the most talked about new Black and Extreme Metal bands to emerge over the last year is, but one thing is sure, he has an uncanny knack of being able to bring together talented musicians from well known, established bands, and give them the impetus to  create new projects. Projects that have allowed the individual musicians to bring their experience and different disciplines together to form bands that, whilst helmed by the same individual, are totally different one from the other.  Furthermore, in a saturated market, they are bands that  get snapped up by labels in very short order.

With NORDJEVEL and SVARTELDER having already released critically acclaimed albums on Osmose Productions and Dusktone respectively, and with DOEDSVANGR currently considering various recording offers, ENEPSIGOS,  the latest project of this shadowy individual,  has attracted interest from labels purely on the strength of two raw demo tracks, and the band has just agreed a deal with the French label Drakkar Productions for the release of their debut album.

Having eschewed his stage name of Doedsadmiral, in favour of V.I.T.H.R, for his work with ENEPSIGOS, the mysterious vocalist has called upon the talents of fellow countryman and former SARKOM guitarist Straff and Italian drummer Thorns known for his work with BLUT AUS NORD, DEATHROW, FIDES INVERSA, FROSTMOON ECLISPE and DARVAZA, to name but a few.  Together they have created a band that is dark and brutal, and whose roots in the traditions of early Black Metal are unmistakable.

Because it’s easy to talk about what a band is going to sound  like, but in reality it’s impossible for fans to form any kind of idea about a band without actually hearing any music, ENEPSIGOS have uploaded a ROUGH STUDIO MIX of the title track from their upcoming album “Plague of Plagues” and it can be heard below and at


More information about ENEPSIGOS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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