BLACK HOLE GENERTOR, the project of VULTURE INDUSTRIES frontman  Bjornar E. Nilsen, has today debuted a video for the track “Moloch” from the band’s new album “A Requiem for Terra” which was released on Dark Essence Records last month.  It  can be seen at:

Spark rock magazine,  Czech Republic:„moloch
Never Mind the Hype, Netherlands: le-generator-moloch/
Metal Hammer, UK:
Metal Hammer DE: 740495?utm_source=mhfb&utm_med ium=link&utm_campaign=fbtimeli ne
Imperiumi, Finland:
Ultraje, PT: enerator-moloch-video/
Friedhof Magazine, ESP:
http://www.friedhof-magazine.c om/noticias/black-hole-generat or-estrenamos-en-exclusiva-su- nuevo-video-moloch
No Clean Singing, US: 2016/12/06/an-ncs-video- premiere-black-hole-generator- moloch/
Radio Metal, FR (including interview) article/black-hole-generator- aux-premieres-loges-pour-le- sacrifice,237736
Metalfan: Romania

The video is by the renowned Romanian artist and designer Costin Chioreanu, with whom Nilsen has a long-standing working relationship not only in terms of album artwork, but also videos and live performance.

Commenting on the video Nilsen said: “I find the video to be a disturbing piece.  Costin Chioreanu has dived into the abyss of our collective consciousness and has emerged with images of our destruction.  The joint annihilation of all life.  Future generations sacrificed upon the altar of Moloch.  A massacre of innocents from beyond the womb in the hope that we will be blessed with earthly pleasures in return”.

Of all the tracks on “A Requiem for Terra”, “Moloch” happens to be Nilsen’s  favourite, and one which he recently described as acting as the centerpiece for the entire album.  It also features a guest appearance from TAAKE and ORKAN guitarist Gjermund Fredheim.


“A Requiem for Terra” is the long-awaited debut full-length  album from BLACK HOLE GENERATOR.  It follows on from the band’s first ever release, the “Black Karma” MCD, and was ten long years in the making due to Nilsens commitments not only to VULTURE INDUSTRIES, but also to his career  as one of Norway’s most successful producers, working with bands such as TAAKE and HELHEIM, as well as being one of the people behind the Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records labels.

It is an album that has delighted many guitar fans with guitarist Arve Isdal (ENSLAVED, AUDREY HORNE) being joined on the album by the previously-mentioned Gjermund Fredheim, who guests on three of the tracks, and  Dag Terje Andersen, who provides additional guitars.   Artwork for  “A Requiem for Terra” is also by Costin Chioreanu,  tracklisting is as follows:

  1. A Requiem for Terra
  2. Titan
  3. Moloch
  4. Beneath a Chemical Sky
  5. Emerging Pantheon
  6. Earth Eater
  7. Spiritual Blight


“A Requiem for Terra” is available in CD and Vinyl formats from all the usual retailers and from   and the US website at in CD format  and Vinyl formats, as well as at  where the album is also available digitally.

More information about BLACK HOLE GENERATOR can be found at

The official video for the title track from BLACK HOLE GENERATOR’s “Black Karma” MCD can be seen at

Dark Essence contact:
Dark Essence Records:
Dark Essence Records Bandcamp:
Dark Essence SoundCloud:
Dark Essence on Facebook:
Dark Essence Records Webshop:
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    > PATRICIA THOMAS BAND MANAGEMENT posted: ” BLACK HOLE GENERTOR, the project > of VULTURE INDUSTRIES frontman Bjornar E. Nilsen, has today debuted a > video for the track “Moloch” from the band’s new album “A Requiem for > Terra” which was released on Dark Essence Records last month. It can be > seen ” >

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