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With the release the  of the single  “Meldrøye”, taken from VESTINDIEN’s debut full-length album “Null” , Dark Essence Records have revealed another tantalising glimpse into what fans can expect to hear from a band whose initial brief foray into the music scene generated a considerable amount of interest thanks to their frenetic live shows, and enthusiastically received 2011 EP “We are the Lords of Hellfire”.

“Meldrøye”, about which VESTINDIEN say “Exploring and expanding one’s mind is crucial to help us understand that we are not placed above nature. We are nature”, can be streamed or downloaded from various services at

Despite having garnered a substantial following for themselves, VESTINDIEN called it a day seven years ago, and, for reasons known only to themselves, had remained silent.  Until now, that is, with the band’s original lineup of Torjus Slettsnok on vocals, Simon Skøien on guitars, Karl Johan Johannessen on drums and Pål Eirik Veseth on bass, storming back, having replaced their classic 90’s hardcore sound, with its heavy metal twist, with one that embodies the essence of Black Metal, Punk and Old School rock’n’roll.

The result of this new direction is a more introverted and less aggressive approach to music, resulting in “Null”, an album which still subtly hints at VESTINDIEN’s hardcore roots, but  whose songs are dark, desperate and desolate, with some hard-hitting punches of energy and groove.

Set for release on Dark Essence Records on the 12th February 2021, tracklisting for “Null” is as follows:

1. Mot Dag
2. Berenberg
3. Meldrøye
4. Null
5. Ormegard
6. Ned
7. Øst for Sol

“Null” will appear in CD, DIgital and Black/Gold Vinyl formats, and can be pre-ordered from the following:

US Webshop: 

Named after the last surviving brothel in Bergen (now a museum),  more information about VESTINDIEN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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