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Karisma Records have inked a deal with MONSTEREO that will see the label release the Norwegian Rockers’ third full-length album later this year. 

MONSTEREO is a Bergen-based four-piece lineup consisting of Ola Utaaker Segadal on lead vocals and electric guitars, Øyvind Aase Fluge on electric guitars, Jørgen Stangeland Bach on Bass guitar, and Jon Bolstad on Drums. They have been serving up catchy melodies and energetic rock songs for over a decade.

With their upcoming album, which will be titled “In the Hollow of a Wave”, MONSTEREO are back with an album which is by far the heaviest the band has produced to date.

Karisma is a great fit for us! They love old school rock. That’s a vibe we can get behind and we are really happy that Karisma saw potential in our music. The people behind this great label are genuine music lovers. They are easy-going as well as hard working and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner says Ola Utaaker Segadal.

With this album MONSTEREO demonstrates their richest and broadest sound yet, with more keyboards, synths, and a variety of guitars, offering, according to the band, “teeth-grinding riffs, big choruses and rock-solid grooves”.

The tracks on “In The Hollow of a Wave” represent the best of two worlds. Catchy melodies, heavy riffs and a big sound, combined with exploratory instrumental sections that build towards a euphoric climax. MONSTEREO had this to say about their collaboration with Karisma Records:

We can’t wait to release our new album on Karisma records. Karisma’s roster is legendary, sporting some amazing bands and artists like KRAKOW, TUSMØRKE, RUPHUS, SHAMAN ELEPHANT, and we are super stoked to be part of the crew, says Øyvind Aase Fluge.

Rooted in 70’s Rock and Psychedelia, the band’s 2013 debut full-length “Spacesuits, On” brought MONSTERO’s Space Rock, with its jam-sections and exploratory feel to a wider audience. The 2014 follow up “Bright Dark” saw the band forming it’s musical identity, with distinctive guitar riffs and vocal melodies being given more prominence. Now, in 2021, “In The Hollow of a Wave” consolidates the bands musical expression with an all-out rock’n roll banger.

More  information about MONSTEREO can be found on the band’s Facebook page at, or on their website at 

A video of MONSTEREO playing live at Kvarteret in Bergen can be seen at

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