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Sulphur PR1

Seven years after the release of their last album, SULPHUR have once again signed with Norway’s Dark Essence Records, and are ready to announce details of what will be the Experimental Black/Death Metallers third full-length album.   Titled “Omens of Doom”,  the seven-track album is expected to hit the streets in February 2016.

With artwork by Romanian artist and designer Costin Chorineu, tracklisting for “Omens of Doom” is as follows:

  1. The Force of Our Fall
  2. Gathering Storms
  3. The Devils Pyre
  4. Plague and Pestilence
  5. Omens of Doom
  6. Rise of the Mushroom Clouds
  7. Alt Svartner

Sulphur AlbumArtwork

Formed in 2000 with current and former members of bands such as GORGOROTH, ENSLAVED, AETERNUS and   VULTURE INDUSTRIES,  SULHPUR’s demo “A Relic For The Damned”  demonstrated the direction the band would be taking, which lies between Death and Black Metal with a progressive twist, but the band lay dormant for a few years, until they returned with a second demo and an altered lineup and eventually signed to Osmose Productions for the release of their debut studio album “Cursed Madness” in 2007.

By 2009 SULPHUR had found their home with Dark Essence Records, and released their critically acclaimed sophomore album “Thorns in Existence”.   Now, with a lineup that includes  Thomas Skinlo Høyven on Vocals, Øyvind Madsen on guitars, keys and programming, Vegard Hovland on bass, Erik Hæggernes on  drums and guitarist Martin Lynn Ytrøy who replaces VULTURE INDUSTRIES’  Eivind Huse,  SULPHUR is back with a brand new album that features guest appearances from producer and VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ frontman Bjornar Erevik Nilsen as well as Eivind Huse.

SULPHUR’s next live appearance will be on the 19th February at Blastfest in Bergen, Norway.

More information about SULPHUR can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Sulphur PR2

Fan-filmed footage of SULPHUR performing at Karmoygeddon Arctic Festival can be seen below and at


SULPHUR’s 2009 album “Thorns in Existence” can be heard below and at


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