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ALFAHANNE, who recently inked a deal with Indie Recordings for the release of their third full-length album “Det Nya Svarta”,  set to hit the streets on the 7th April, have signed a booking deal with the international booking agency Pitch & Smith.  With offices in the UK and Sweden,  Pitch & Smith, who represent artists from across the globe throughout Europe, the UK, Asia and Australasia, is one more step forward for the dynamic foursome who aim to bring back a sense of danger to Rock n Roll with their self-styled brand of “Alfapokalyptic Rock”.

Commenting on the new collaboration ALFAHANNE had this to say: “Despite the fact that we cut our teeth in bands like VINTERLAND and MAZE OF TORMENT, which are essentially what you would class as bands on the “extreme” end of the musical spectrum, ALFAHANNE has proved to be a totally different beast.  When we started out, our  audience was, not unexpectedly,  drawn mainly from the Black Metal scene, but the more we became known, and especially the more we played live, it became obvious that ALFAHANNE’s appeal was much wider and we found that we were attracting all kinds of fans.

“And  that is absolutely what we wanted.  We didn’t want people to listen to us because we were this kind of band or that kind of band, but because we were ALFAHANNE and because we had something that struck a chord with their individual musical tastes.  That’s why we are so excited to be working with Pitch & Smith and why we think they are the natural choice for us.  Not only were the guys we will be working with born and raised in the same town as us, which means that they understand what we come from and where we want to head, but, more importantly, the nature of their agency means  we are not going to be tagged as just another “metal” band –  they are going to help us bring our music to a much wider audience.  And what band doesn’t want that?”

The band’s  lineup of Pehr Skjoldhammer on Vocals and Guitar, Fredrik Sööberg on Guitars, Niklas Åström on Drums and Jimmy Wiberg on Bass,  have a good decade of experience under their belts, and it’s an experience that enables ALFAHANNE  to produce the kinds of albums and stage performances that have garnered them  a faithful, and ever-increasing fan base, as well as a plethora of well-known artists making guest appearances on their albums or live on stage .

ALFAHANNE’s new album “Det Nya Svarta”  was recorded at the Dödskult studio by Alfahanne’s Pehr Skjoldhammer and mixed and mastered by Stamos Koliousis.   Following the  ALFAHANNE tradition of including some high profile guests on their releases  “Det Nya Svarta” includes performances from KAMPFAR’s Dolk, David Lindh from YVONNE AND BRODER DANIEL,  Sanrabb from GEHENNA and Nadine Skjoldhammer.  Tracklisting for “Det Nya Svarta” is as follows:

1. Satans verser (with Dolk from KAMPFAR)
2. Stigmata
3. Avgrundsgravitation (with David Lindh from YVONNE & BRODER DANIEL)
4. Klubb 27
5. Mitt mörker är mörkare än ditt (with Nadine Skjoldhammer)
6. Dödsmaskin (with Sanrabb from GEHENNA)
7. Även hund har sin dag
8. Svarta får
9. Det nya svarta


A track from ALFAHANNE’s latest album “Det Nya Svarta” was recently previewed and can be heard below and at

“Det Nya Svarta” is now available to pre-order in CD and Vinyl formats from–alfahanne and in Digital format from

Confirmed live appearances for ALFAHANNE include the By:Larm Festival in Oslo, Norway in March and In Flammen Open Air in Torgau, Germany in July.  More dates to be announced shortly.


More information about ALFAHANNE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The video for the track  “Slutdestination Eskilstuna”,  from ALFAHANNE’s 2015 album “Blod Eld Alfa”, which features SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth on guest vocals, can be seen below and at

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