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It should always be the case that an album stands, or falls, on the quality of its music alone, but rarely does that happen because so many other aspects fall under consideration, not least the musicians who form the band, and their past history in terms of style, releases and their presence in other bands.  But NATTVERD comes to us with a clean sheet.  The only things anyone knows about the band is that it is a three piece consisting of Atyr of guitars and bass, Ormr on Vocals and session drummer Serpentor, that they hail from Norway, and that they play Black Metal.  And that, according to NATTVERD, is all you really need to know, because the music will tell you the rest.

But what is it exactly about NATTVERD that has earned them a recording contract before  they have barely left the starting line, and sets them  apart from the plethora of other Black Metal bands who are all vying for a label deal?  Well, they play Black Metal in the traditional way, without any attempts to add any touches from any other genres or tag themselves onto the latest trends in sub-genres.   But  the Black Metal they play is played with a confidence that belies the newness of the band and must surely point to some very experienced musicians.

Nor are they are they a one-trick pony. Far from it.  NATTVERD’s music ranges from the downright cold and nasty, filled with fury and hate,  to the melodic and atmospheric, and at times is even tinged with melancholy.  NATTVERD provide evil-aplenty to satisfy the most discerning Black Metal fan, and more than enough variations and emotions to keep their sound fresh and interesting.

Having inked a deal with the German label Darker Than Black Records, NATTVERD are set to release their debut full-length album “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” (We Know God is a Liar) on the 30th September in CD and Digital formats.  With artwork by Misanthropic Art, tracklisting for “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” is as follows:

1. Der Tronen Blender, Vender Vi Oss Mot Mørket
2. Nattverd
3. Du Gudfryktige Orm
4. Stille Stom Stein…
5. Lucifers Blod
6. Sjelen I Brann
7. Vi Vet gud Er Ne Løgner
8. Hill Satan

Nattverd AlbumArt PR

Two tracks from “Vi Vet gud Er En Løgner” can be heard below and at where the digital version of the album is also available to pre-order, whilst the CD version is available from

More information about NATTVERD can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


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