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Cor Scorpii PR1

Fans of the Norwegian Extreme Melodic  genre in general, and of COR SCORPII in particular, have waited eight long years for the follow up to the band’s debut album “Monument”, and now, at last, the long wait is over with the band set to release their sophomore full-length “Ruin” on the 15th June on Dark Essence Records.

The result of a lengthy, and at times arduous, song writing process, “Ruin” draws its inspiration from classical music, folk melodies and the soundscapes of Nordic extreme metal.  Revealing the hidden talents that can be found amongst its members, COR SCORPII have, on “Ruin”,  made use of instruments that are unusual for a metal band, such as the accordion and mandolin.

Recorded at various locations over a period of three years, “Ruin” was mixed by Børge Finstad in his Toproom Studio, and mastered by Tom Kvålsvoll at his Kvalsonic Lab. Seamlessly blending epic, soaring melodies, with the harshness of extreme metal, “Ruin” includes  guest appearances by the classical singer Annika Beinnes, as well as Mats Lerberg (I SWEAR DAMNATION, ex-FUNERAL) who lend their considerable vocal talents to three tracks each.

With artwork by Novans V. Adikresna of the Marnov Studio, tracklisting on “Ruin” is as follows:

  1. Svart Blod (Hovmod star for fall)
  2. Hjarteorm
  3. Skuggevandrar
  4. Fotefar
  5. Helveteskap
  6. Ri di Mare
  7. Ærelaus
  8. Siste Dans

Cor Scorpii albumArt PR

Founded in 2004 as an offshoot of the legendary WINDIR, COR SCORPII’s lineup of Gaute Refsnes on keyboards, Inge Jonny Lomheim on  bass guitars, accordion and programming, Ole M. Nordsve on drums, Rune Sjøthun on  rhythm guitars, mandolin and programming, and Thomas S. Øvstedal  on vocals,  recently welcomed a new arrival into its ranks in the shape of Erlend Nybø  on lead guitars.

“Ruin” will be released in CD, Double LP and Digital formats and is now available to pre-order from:

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More information about COR SCORPII can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of COR SCORPII performing the track “Oske og innsikt” from the album “Monument” can be seen below and at


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    | | | | COR SCORPII announce details of upcoming album | | Metal SoundscapesMet…

    Fans of the Norwegian extreme melodic genre in general, and of Cor Scorpii in particular, have waited ten long y… |



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