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Ljungblut PR2

Karisma Records have revealed details of “Villa Carlotta 5959”, the upcoming release from Alternative Rockers LJUNGBLUT, as well as releasing the first single from the album.  The single, for the track “Hasselblad”,  whose cover features a photo by the photographer Bjørn Opsahl and a guest appearance by A-HA and ZEROMANCER’s Erik Ljunggren,  along with his wide array of analogue synths,  can  be heard below, and is available to purchase and stream from https://ljungblut.bandcamp.com/track/hasselblad as well as from  various streaming and digital services via http://phonofile.link/hasselblad

About the track, band founder Kim Ljung had this to say:

 It was just one of those days. An early morning.

I read somewhere about the twelve Hasselblad cameras left on the moon. Made some fresh coffee and locked myself into the studio without any particular ideas in my head.
In a few hours it was all there. Lyrics and everything. 

 A real special feeling when it happens. The guys loved the demo. A few weeks later we rehearsed “Hasselblad” as a band, keeping it close to the original idea. Of course, Ted added  a real great drum-pattern. It was only just over a 2-minute arrangement though.

Right after I wrote it, I was visting Erik Ljunggren in his studio. Blown away by the collection of modular and vintage synthesizers, I asked him if he wanted to contribute for the end part. The Arp 2600 and the Oberheim Matrix creating most of the magic. All analogue. It was perfect.

The drums, the bass, the guitar (with the Morley flanger pedal), the Omni and the Roland strings were all recorded live. I believe it was the third take.

Sincerely happy with this one. Enjoy.

Ljungblut Hasselblad artwork PR

When he formed LJUNGBLUT  in 2005, Ljung was looking for a vehicle for the material he didn’t think was right for either SEIGMEN or ZEROMANCER, for whom he is the bassist and main songwriter.  Three solo albums later, LJUNGBLUT evolved further with the addition of full-time members, some of whom had collaborated on LJUNGBLUT’s  first two albums.  Joining Ljung (keys and vocals) are Dan Heide (ZEROMANCER, RED7) on guitars, Ted Skogmann (APOPTYGMA BERZERK) on drums , Joakim Brendsrød on keys and Sindre Pedersen on bass, and, as a quintet, the band released two independent albums with Norwegian lyrics.

“Villa Carlotta 5959”, which will be LJUNGBLUT’s sixth full-length album, is the last in the trilogy of the Norwegian language albums.  It is an album in which Ljung explores matters both historical and personal.  Whilst tracks like “Hasselblad”, about the 12 Hasselblad cameras left behind on the surface of the Moon, and “Superga”, which refers to the province of Turin, Italy, best known for  its Cathedral and the plane crash that killed the Torino football team in 1949, deal with actual events and places, tracks like “Min Krig” (My war) and “Aldri helt stille” (Never completely quiet), are much more personal, dealing, as they do, with Ljung’s chronic migraines.

The basis of “Villa Carlotta 5959” having been recorded live in the studio and mixed by Alex Møklebust (SEIGMEN / ZEROMANCER) and Terje Johannesen, Ljung’s characteristic vocals are embraced  by a plethora of vintage synths and instruments.  With its wide range of tempos and dynamics,  “Villa Carlotta 5959” presents the listeners with a cohesive sound and a melancholy mood.

Guest artists on “Villa Carlotta 5959” include Ljunggren (A-HA, ZEROMANCER), Ginge Anvik (SUBGUD, soundtrack composer) and  Terje Johannesen.  With artwork by Hanne-Christine Flåten, track listing for “Villa Carlotta 5959” is as follows:

  1. Hasselblad
  2. Oktober
  3. Til Warszawa
  4. 235
  5. Superga
  6. Diamant
  7. Himmelen som vet
  8. Ohnesorg
  9. Aldri helt stille
  10. Min Krig

Ljungblut Villa Carlotta Albumart PR

“Villa Carlotta 5959” is set for release on Karisma Records on the 2nd November in CD, Digital and Vinyl, as well as a Limited Edition Turquoise LP formats.  It is now available to pre-order from:

Bandcamp (all versions) : https://ljungblut.bandcamp.com/
Webshop (CD and LPs): https://www.karismarecords.no/webshop/

LJUNGLUT  will play the following dates in Norway to celebrate the release of “Villa Carlotta 5959”

09 Nov:  Papirhuset, Tønsberg
10 Nov:  Papirhuset, Tønsberg
12 Nov:  Kulturkirken Jacob, Oslo

More information about LJUNGBLUT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Ljungblut-86549322482/

A video for the title track from LJUNGBLUT’s 2016 album “Ikke alle netter er like sorte”  can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/ukmQo13JkPY

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ljungblut-86549322482/
Website: www.ljungblut.com
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GURpUy14Zv87L9T-ftYTg
Karisma Records: http://www.karismarecords.no/
Karisma Records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karismarecords
Karisma Records Bandcamp: https://karismarecords.bandcamp.com
Karisma Records on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/KarismarecordsNor
Karisma on SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/karisma-records
Karisma Records Webshop: http://karismarecords.bigcartel.com/
Karisma Records US Webshop:  http://karismarecords.aisamerch.com/
Karisma Records BandCamp: http://karismarecords.bandcamp.com/music
Karisma Records KlickTrack Store (digital only):  http://shop.klicktrack.com/karismadarkessencerecords

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