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With its release date set for the 8th April on Karisma Records, BJØRN RIIS’s fourth full-length solo album “Everything to Everyone” deals with the toll that continuously having to meet the expectations of others takes on ones emotions, heightened by the fear of losing oneself in the effort to do so.

This is poignantly illustrated in the track “The Siren”, which Karisma Records have today released as a single. 

As Bjørn explains:

 Musically the song derives its inspiration from the more mellow side of Roger Waters, Richard Hawley and Tim Bowness,  and is told from the perspective of someone observing a dancer.  Lyrically it depicts how one can be easily misled by temptation and hurt by the need for approval.

“The Siren” itself dates back to the “A Day at the Beach” recording sessions with AIRBAG. It was one of many demos that I presented to the band but which didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the material. 

Whilst writing “Everything to Everyone”, I redid most of the arrangements and lyrics and “The Siren” ended up being one of my favourite tracks on the album, and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Simen Valldal Johannessen (OAK) for the beautiful piano, Henrik Fossum  (AIRBAG) for the delicate drumming,  and engineer Vegard Sleipnes for the mixing.

The single of “The Siren” can be streamed or downloaded from various services at

At the same time, Anne-Marie Forker has produced a soulful video for “The Siren” which can be seen below and at

For the album itself, which Bjørn admits was inspired by Dante’s Inferno, he has once again teamed up with long-time collaborator Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes, who, as well as co-producing the album with Bjørn, also handled the engineering and mixing. Mastering was carried out by Jacob Holm-Lupo (WHITE WILLOW and THE OPIUM CARTEL). 

In addition to Bjørn’s vocals and celebrated guitar playing, “Everything to Everyone” also features guest appearances from Henrik Bergan Fossum (AIRBAG), Kristian Hultgren (WOBBLER), Simen Valldal Johannessen (OAK) and Norwegian singer/songwriter MIMMI TAMBA. 

With cover photo by Anne-Marie Forker and design by Asle Tostrup, track listing on “Everything to Everyone” is as follows:

1. Run
2. Lay Me Down
3. The Siren
4. Every Second Every Hour
5. Descending
. Everything to Everyone
Digisleeve CD bonus tracks:
7. Everything to Everyone (Alternative version)
8. Desolate Place

“Everything to Everyone” will be available in four different versions. Aside from the normal LP version, the vinyl format will also be available as a Limited Edition White/Black Splatter LP, whilst the CD format will be available both as a standard CD as well as a Limited Edition Digi Sleeve version which will include two bonus tracks comprising an alternative version of the title track, and the 2020 stand-alone digital single “Desolate Place”.

It is now available to pre-order from:

Band Camp:
North American Webshop:

Now a much-respected guitarist within the musical community, Bjørn ‘s  interest in music began whilst still a teenager, at a time when guitar-led bands were at their height and were spearheading the  rise of the Progressive Rock movement.   It was this movement, together with Electronica and Movie Scores, that influenced the young guitarist,  leading  him to develop a style filled with soaring leads and gorgeous textures.  

Such is his knowledge of, the guitar, and all things related, that his YouTube channel, has become an extremely successful  destination for guitar fans.  The channel can be seen  at  

More information about BJØRN RIIS can be found on the guitarist’s Facebook page at  and on his website at https://www.Bjø 

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