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It’s almost five years now since AETERNUS released their last album “…and the seventh his soul detesteth”  on Dark Essence Records, but fans of the veteran Norwegian Dark Metallers will have something to look forward to next year as the band has just announced that they plan to begin recording their new album in early January.  Not only will this be the band’s eighth full-length album, it will also serve to celebrate AETERNUS’ 25th Anniversary.

As with its predecessor, the new album will be recorded at Bergen’s Conclave & Earshot studios, and will be produced by Herbrand Larsen, who previously co-produced AETERNUS’ “Shadow of Old” and “Ascension of Terror” albums.  The album will be released on Dark Essence Records in 2018.

One of the pioneers for the “Dark Metal” genre, AETERNUS was formed in 1993 by guitarist and frontman Ares.  Aside from Ares, today’s lineup includes Phobos (GRAVDAL) on drums and KRAKOW’s Eld on bass.  The band’s sound is one that combines features from both Black Metal and Death Metal, interspersed with haunting, melodic interludes, all topped off with skilled musicianship.

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Commenting on what will be their 25th Anniversary release, the band had this to say:  ” We`ve been working on new material for four years now, so it feels very good to know that we are finally ready to get the  best of it recorded and released  the same year that we mark our 25 year anniversary!  So expect only the best!  And before you know it we’ll also be  back on stage performing the songs live as well!”

More information about AETERNUS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Fan-filmed footage of AETERNUS on stage at Inferno Festival 2013 can be seen below and at

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Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKE are set to play a short tour in Italy in April, as well as three additional dates in Europe in the run up to the previously announced European tour with DARK ESSENCE RECORDS label mates – the veteran Dark Metallers AETERNUS and SLEGEST, the new project from former VREID guitarist Ese.

Full routing for all the upcoming dates as follows:

29 April: Traffic Live Club, Rome
30 April: Cycle Club, Calenzano
01 May: Circolo Colony, Brescia
02 May: Tipogragfia Club, Pescara
03 May: Demode Club, Modugno

EUROPEAN TOUR (with local supports)
05 May:  GalaHala , Ljubljana, Slovenia
06 May:  Viper Room, Vienna, Austria
07 May:  Alte Kaserne , Zurich, Switzerland

08 May: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, France
09 May:  Le Divan du Monde, Paris, France
10 May:  The Garage, London, UK
11 May:  Soundcontrol, Manchester, UK
12 May:  Ivory Blacks, Glasgow, Scotland
13 May: 013, Tilburg, Netherlands
14 May: Club From Hell, Erfurt, Germany
15 May: Rock It, Aalen, Germany
16 May: Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany
17 May: Huggins Awakening Fest, Devil’s Corner, Leffinge, Belgium (without AETERNUS)

Having celebrated TAAKE’s 20th Anniversary last year with the release of “Gravkamre, Kroner og Troner”, a 20-song, 2 CD collection of rarities, the contribution that frontman and founder Hoest has made to the Black Metal scene, both in terms of recording and performing, is immeasurable.  Time has not stood still for a band that is not afraid to take risks, but which has always remained true to its roots.  Whilst many new Black Metal bands have steadfastly refused to move away from the generic formula that frequently risks sinking the whole genre into a sea of platitudes and unoriginality, TAAKE has shown that Black Metal is still very much alive, fresh, original and thriving.

More information about TAAKE at

The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noreg’s Vaapen” can be seen below and at


Tracks from all of TAAKE, AETERNUS and SLEGEST releases on DARK ESSENCE RECORDS can be heard below and at


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Norwegian black Metallers GRAVDAL announced today that they are parting company with guitarist Specter.  The parting is completely amicable, with Specter deciding that he needs to commit more time to other projects, something that GRAVDAL both supports and understands.  Commenting on the split, guitarist Phobos said:  “It was a big decision to have to take since Specter has been with us for seven years, and he has been instrumental in shaping GRAVDAL’s music into what it is today.  But the music business has always been very fluid, and although we will miss him both as a musician and as a person, we fully support his decision and would like to thank him for his massive contribution to GRAVDAL, as well as for all the good times, and we wish him well for the future”.

Things on the GRAVDAL front have been somewhat quiet since the release of the band’s sophomore full-length album “Torturmantra” in 2010, due in part to Phobos’ recording commitments with AETERNUS, for whom he is found in his more usual role behind the drumkit, as well as with GALAR.  But the band have now started working on the follow up to “Torturmantra”, which featured a show-stopping guest performance by SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth on the track “Mishandlet”.  According to Phobos, “We are ready to reveal that the album will be called “Kadaverin” but more than that we can’t say at the moment.  With our second album we took a huge step forward, expanding the range of the band considerably so rest assured that with “Kadaverin” we will be taking things even further”.

GRAVDAL was formed in 2005 by Phobos and drummer Taakesjel (BIZARREKULT).  With their music firmly rooted in Bergen’s legendary Black Metal scene, the duo started out with the idea of remaining a studio band, and recruited vocalist Galge to record and release the “Massegrav” demo in 2005.  Following the release of the demo it became clear to the members that they wanted more from the band, and with the arrival of Specter, and then-bassist Daud, GRAVDAL became a fully active band, releasing their debut album “Sadist”, which was mixed and mastered by ENSLAVED’s Herbrand Larsen,  in 2008 and playing a series of tours and festivals.  It was the release of “Torturmantra”, once again helmed by Herbrand Larsen and co-produced by VULTURE INDUSTRIES’ Bjornar Nilsen and ENSLAVED’s Arve Isdal, which really confirmed GRAVDAL’s ability to innovate and experiment, whilst still remaining true to their Black Metal roots.

More information about GRAVDAL can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Footage of GRAVDAL performing the track “Selvmord” from the album “Sadist” can be seen below or at


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