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Virus Album Artwork PR

Album Art by Trine + Kim Design Studio

The 3rd June has been set as the release date for “Memento Collider”, the fourth full-length album from Experimental Hard Rockers VIRUS.   The album, with cover art by the Trine + Kim Design Studio ( ), will appear on Karisma Records, who recently signed the band.

Whilst no further details about “Memento Collider” are currently available, the self-styled  wayward Norwegian trio will give fans a taste of what is to come at Blastfest in Bergen on the 18th February, where they will showcase several tracks from the album.

VIRUS rose from the ashes of 90’s avant-garde black metal project VED BUENS ENDE in 2000 when  guitarist and vocalist Carl “Czral” Michael Eide had the idea of creating a new kind of experimental metal / rock.  Together with bassist Petter “Plenum” Berntsen and drummer Einar “Einz” Sjursø they released their first, and only,  demo that same year.  Three full-length studio albums followed, together with tours in Europe and the USA and a plethora of festival appearances.

Virus PR

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Fan-filmed footage of VIRUS performing a new song from the upcoming album in New York can be seen at   or embedded using the following code:


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