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With the 27th March set for the release of “Satan Ov Suns” on Immortal Frost Productions,  Black Metallers DOEDSVANGR  have today posted a video for a track from the album.  Created by Moornebheym, the video, for the track “Black Dawn”,  can be seen below and on YouTube at

Whilst DOEDSVNGR is a relatively new band, there is no denying the fact that the Norwegian/Finnish lineup comprising Shatraug (HORNA, SARGEIST, BEHEXEN and NIGHTBRINGER),   Anti-Christian (TSJUDER,  BEATEN TO DEATH) and founder and frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, SVARTELDER, ENEPSIGOS) contains some of the most experienced and respected musicians on the Black Metal scene.

Parlaying this experience into their debut album, the trio have created eleven tracks that reek of the traditional darkness and menace one would expect from Black Metal, but which steer well clear anything even remotely formulaic.  Recorded at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg with Christer Krohg, and with drums recorded at the  Klang Studios in Oslo with Bjarne Stensli, “Satan Ov Suns” is an uncompromising work  that offers extreme variations, and, according to the band, “a lot of groove”.

With artwork by Khaos Diktator Design, tracklisting for “Satan Ov Suns” is as follows:

  1. Our Lord Cometh!
  2. Rituals
  3. Doedsvangr
  4. Black Dawn
  5. Northern Watchtowers
  6. Diaboli
  7. Gnashing Of Teeth
  8. Breath Of Lucifer
  9. Throne Of Black Illumination
  10. Blood Whores
  11. Black Sun Nimbus


In a recent comment  DOEDSVANGR the band’s  prolific frontman “Doedsadmiral” had this to say about the formation of the band, and its direction: “All my other bands each have a different sound  and musical ethos one from the other, and DOEDSVANGR is one that comes from a much darker direction.  DOEDSVANGR, like the other projects in which I’m involved, does not come from me alone, but is the result of two great musicians coming onboard so that together we can create music the way we all want it to sound, and perform it in a way that we all want to hear it.  Will DOEDSVSANGR perform live one day?  That remains to be seen, let’s just see where the album takes us first”.

“Satan Ov Suns” will be available in CD, Gatefold Double Vinyl and Digital formats and is available to pre-order in CD and Vinyl formats from HERE and in Digital format from HERE .

The previously debuted track  “Rituals” can be heard below and at

More information about DOEDSVANGR can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


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