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Ljungblut Live PR

Ljungblut live by Silke Jochum

With a critically acclaimed album ” Villa Carlotta 5959″ released in November of last year, and two exclusive shows coming up, Alternative Rockers LJUNGBLUT have released a brand new single on Karisma Records.

Titled “Et ørlite håp så stort” (A tiny hope so great), the song was  written by Sindre Pedersen and Kim Ljung after the release of  ” Villa Carlotta 5959″.It was mixed by Alex Møklebust (Seigmen, Zeromancer) who also contributed to the recording.

“Et ørlite håp så stort” , about which founder Kim Ljung had the following to say, shows a marked difference from the album, showcasing, as it does, more electronic elements:

Sindre (Pedersen, bass player) sent me the song. Usually when I receive ideas from the other members of the band, I take them apart, rearrange them and so on. This time I barely did anything. Everything was already in place, and to me the lyrics and melody came naturally, like it often does with good songs in my world. It feels like something that has been laying waiting for the barriers to break, finally allowing it all to flow free.

“Et ørlite håp så stort” can be streamed or downloaded at https://karismarecords.fanlink.to/Ljungblut_OrliteHaap

Ljungblut New single cover PR

LJUNGBLUT  will play two special intimate shows in front of seated audiences in Norway this month.  The first will take place on Friday 26th April at the Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet in Porsgrunn, followed the next day by a show at the Lille Ole Bull Scene in Bergen.  Full details can be found on the following Facebook events:

Porsgunn:  https://www.facebook.com/events/538220493355063/
Bergen: https://www.facebook.com/events/2307721335926799/

Formed in 2005 by Kim Ljung, LJUNGBLUT is  a vehicle for the material Ljung didn’t think was right for either SEIGMEN or ZEROMANCER, for whom he is the bassist and main songwriter.  Three solo albums later, LJUNGBLUT evolved further with the addition of full-time members, some of whom had collaborated on LJUNGBLUT’s  first two albums.

Joining Ljung (keys and vocals) are Dan Heide (ZEROMANCER, RED7) on guitars, Ted Skogmann (APOPTYGMA BERZERK) on drums , Joakim Brendsrød on keys and Sindre Pedersen on bass, and, as a quintet, the band released two independent albums with Norwegian lyrics. “Villa Carlotta 5959”, is  LJUNGBLUT’s sixth full-length album, and the last in the trilogy of Norwegian language albums, exploring  matters both historical and personal.

Ljungblut 05 by Tom LundPR

More information about LJUNGBLUT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Ljungblut-86549322482/

A video for the title track from LJUNGBLUT’s 2016 album “Ikke alle netter er like sorte”  can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/ukmQo13JkPY

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ljungblut-86549322482/
Website: www.ljungblut.com
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2GURpUy14Zv87L9T-ftYTg
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