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As the time ticks down to the October 1 release of HIMMELLEGEME’s sophomore full-length “Variola Vera”, Karisma Records have released another single and accompanying video from the album to whet the appetite of the band’s growing fan-base.

The track chosen glories in the title of “Blowing Raspberries” about which the band have this to say:

“Blowing Raspberries”  was also one of the earlier tracks written for this release. Aleksander brought the band a short demo, sort of as a joke. It wasn’t like anything he’d written before, but we quickly realized it had the potential to be a banger. Lyrically the subject is written as a space cop drama set in the future. Both lyrically and musically there are some hints pointing to a certain decade – or time period – so, put your down on and shake your bones loose!

“Blowing Raspberries” can be downloaded or streamed from a number of services at:

Whilst the video can be seen below and at

Recorded from late spring through to the  late fall of 2020 at Bergen’s Broen Studio, “Variola Vera” is the follow-up to HIMMELLEGEME’s critically acclaimed debut “Myth of Earth”, an album that brought the band to the attention of prog audiences world-wide.

Produced by Anders Bjelland (ELECTRIC EYE / HYPERTEXT) who also mixed and mastered the album, “Variola Vera” is, according to the band, “not quite a concept album” as they recently explained:

The overall themes of the album are the impact we humans have on planet earth, and the destruction we leave in our wake wherever we go. Not only in regards to the planet itself, but also to the people inhabiting it. It’s not a concept album per se – the lyrics are fictional with roots in reality, but based on newer and older events seen from different viewpoints.  

Influenced by both Blues and Atmospheric Prog Rock, HIMMELLEGEME’s lineup of  Aleksander Vormestrand (vocals, guitar), Hein Alexander Olson (lead guitar, slide, drums), Lauritz Isaksen (keys), Erik Alfredsen (bass, backing vocals, misc. instruments), Leiv Martin Green (drums, backing vocals), use heavy-hitting riffs, chilling melodies and melancholic lyrics, to create a dark, otherworldly, and timeless sound.

With cover art by Samantha Muljat, the track list for “Variola Vera” is as follows:

  1. Shaping Mirrors Like Smoke
  2. Heart Listening
  3. Blowing Raspberries
  4. Brother
  5. Let the Mother Burn
  6. Caligula
  7. Agafia
  8. Variola Vera

Set for release in CD, Digital, and Limited Edition LP Formats, “Variola Vera” is now available to pre-order from:



More information about HIMMELLEGEME can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video by Rasmus Even Hol Skjegstad and Leander Håvik for the track “Natteravn” from HIMMELLEGEME’s album “Myth of Earth” can be seen below and at

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