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Bergen’s Psychedelic Rockers HIMMELLEGEME are back with “Variola Vera”, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album “Myth of Earth”.   Recorded during the late spring through late fall of 2020 at Bergen’s Broen Studio, the band’s latest outing was produced by Anders Bjelland (ELECTRIC EYE / HYPERTEXT) who also mixed and mastered the album.

Not quite a concept album HIMMELLEGEME described “Variola Vera” thus:

The overall themes of the album are the impact we humans have on planet earth, and the destruction we leave in our wake wherever we go. Not only in regards to the planet itself, but also to the people inhabiting it. It’s not a concept album per se – the lyrics are fictional with roots in reality, but based on newer and older events seen from different viewpoints.  

Set for release on Karisma Records on the 1st October, in CD, Digital and Limited Edition LP formats, fans have today been given a taste of “Variola Vera” with the release of the single “Let the Mother Burn” which can be downloaded or streamed on various platforms at:

It is a single about which the band had this to say:

Let The Mother Burn was one of the first tracks that we wrote for the album. It definitely has our sound to it – a little slow paced, but also powerful and tribal. The lyrics are about being consumed by the sheer beauty and horrors that Mother Nature can provide us – it can be amazing, but also quite frightening.

Influenced by both Blues and Atmospheric Prog Rock, HIMMELLEGEME’s lineup of  Aleksander Vormestrand (vocals, guitar), Hein Alexander Olson (lead guitar, slide, drums), Lauritz Isaksen (keys), Erik Alfredsen (bass, backing vocals, misc. instruments), Leiv Martin Green (drums, backing vocals), use heavy-hitting riffs, chilling melodies and melancholic lyrics, to create a dark, otherworldly, and timeless sound.

With cover art by Samantha Muljat, the track list for “Variola Vera” is as follows:

  1. Shaping Mirrors Like Smoke
  2. Heart Listening
  3. Blowing Raspberries
  4. Brother
  5. Let the Mother Burn
  6. Caligula
  7. Agafia
  8. Variola Vera

“Variola Vera” is now available to pre-order from the following:



More information about HIMMELLEGEME can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The official video by Rasmus Even Hol Skjegstad and Leander Håvik for the track “Natteravn” from HIMMELLEGEME’s album “Myth of Earth” can be seen below and at

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Black Magic PR

It’s not often that you get one signing announcement from two separate labels, but in this case it’s not so surprising since Dark Essence Records and Karisma Records are sister labels, and on this occasion are joining forces to release both old, and new material from BLACK MAGIC.

Kicking things off will be Dark Essence Records, who on April 12th will re-release BLACK MAGIC’s classic “Wizard’s Spell” EP, widely regarded as one of Norway’s finest underground metal releases of modern times, and long-unavailable.

Rooted in the speed/heavy metal traditions of the mid 1980’s, “Wizard’s Spell” was originally recorded during 2009/10, and released at the start of 2014. Rather than just being a retro- pastiche, “Wizard’s Spell” succeeds in sounding like a studio album that had actually recorded during the early eighties. Or, as one reviewer put it:

“For all intents and purposes this album could have been reissued from a 1981 release from a failing record company and no one would have questioned it. The band not only nails the sound but they create something so believable, I am hard pressed to find any flaws in it.”

In addition to the five-track “Wizard’s Spell”, the record will also include the demo “Reap of Evil”

Tracklisting as follows:

Wizard’s Spell
1. Black Magic
2. Rite of the Wizard
3. Voodoo Curse
4. Thunder
5. Death Militia

Reap Of Evil Demo
6. The Ritual
7. Night of Mayhem
8. Possessed
9. Embraced by the Occult

Black Magic Album Art PR

With the cover-art having been re-drawn from scratch by Linda K. Røed, “Wizard’s Spell” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition yellow/orange “Fire”  coloured vinyl, and can now be pre-ordered from the following:

All Formats:
CD & Vinyl:

BLACK MAGIC had already disbanded by the time “Wizard’s Spell” was originally released, but a new line-up soon emerged, playing more blues-based late 60s/early 70s rock, but still with a hint of the occult.

Their debut full-length album will be released on Karisma Records either late this year, or sometime next year. And the wait will definitely be worth it.

More information about BLACK MAGIC can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Black Magic Vinyl Art PR

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Norwegian Rockers TIEBREAKER have debuted a music video for a track from their upcoming album “We Come From The Mountains”.  The video for the track “Nicotine”, by Gregor from and studio production by Kjetil Ulland,  together with an interview with TIEBREAKER guitarist Eirik Wik Haug can be seen can be seen exclusively on Metal Hammer at

TIEBREAKER are set to embark on a 12 date Norwegian tour in support of ENSLAVED.  Routing for the tour as follows:

30 Sep:  Buen Hulturhus, Mandal
01 Oct:  Folken, Stavanger
02 Oct:  Høvleriet, Haugesund
08 Oct:  Ælvespeilet Kulturhus, Porsgrunn
09 Oct:  Jevnaker Hallen, Jevnaker
10 Oct:  Energimølla, Kongsberg
16 Oct:  Arena, Stord
17 Oct:  Østsia, Kristiansand
21 Oct:  Terminalen, Alesund
22 Oct:  Blæst, Trondheim
23 Oct:  Gregers, Hamar
24 Oct:  Musikkflekken, Sandvika

“We Come From The Mountains” was originally self-released by the band in Norway  in 2014, and Karisma Records will release the album internationally on the 6th November.  It’s an album filled with TIEBREAKER’s classic 70’s sound brought up to date with a dirty contemporary blues sound that will please fans of  LED ZEPPELIN, RIVAL SONS, and DEEP PURPLE .

Artwork is by Robert Høyem from Overhaus (  Tracklisting on “We Come From The Mountains” as follows:

1.Early Morning Love Affair
2. Nicotine
3. Homebound pt 1
4. The Getaway
5. Where can Love Go Wrong
6. El Macho Supreme
7. Trembling Son
8. Homebound pt 2
9. Walk Away

The band was formed in 2011 in Odda, Hordaland, by five childhood friends, Thomas Espeland Karlsen on vocals, Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad on guitars, Patrick Andersson on bass and Pål Gunnar Dale on drums.  The band’s lineup took the ethos of hard work that had been instilled into them by their industrial heritage, and applied it to the music scene, making more than 200 live appearances since 2013, and gaining a large following and a solid reputation for high energy shows.

TIEBREAKER are currently working on what will be the band’s sophomore full-length album and more information about the band can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at

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Karisma Records have inked a deal with Rockers TIEBREAKER that initially sees the label release two full-length albums from the band.   First up will be the re-release of TIEBREAKERS’s debut full-length album “We Come From The Mountains”, which was previously self-released in Norway, and which Karisma plans to release internationally in both CD and digital formats in the autumn of this year.   In the meantime, the band plans to move to a cabin in the Norwegian countryside during  August to concentrate on their sophomore full-length album, about which more details will be released at a later date.

Formed  by five childhood friends in 2011 in Odda, Hordaland, TIEBRAKER emerged from the Norwegian underground and within a few very short years grew into one of the finest rock bands in the country.  With their high-energy shows, TIEBREAKER have established a solid reputation on the live circuit, playing over 200 shows since 2013, including a tour of Texas, where the band played eleven shows in nine days.

TIEBREAKER’s lineup of Thomas Espeland Karlsen on vocals, Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad on guitars, Patrick Andersson on bass and Pål Gunnar Dale on drums, create a sound that blends classic  70’s rock with today’s dirty rock and blues style and a pinch of prog thrown into the mix.   A perfect fit for Karisma Records growing roster of top notch bands.

To coincide with the announcement of their new record deal, TIEBREAKER have debuted a video of the band playing live at the ABC Studios.  Filmed by Gregor from and produced by Kjetil Ulland, the video can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at  or on the Karisma Records channel at

Upcoming  confirmed live dates for TIEBREAKER as follows:

12 June:  Bergenfest 2015, Bergen, Norway
03 July: Skånevik Bluesfestival, Skånevik, Norway
24 July: Utkantfestivalen, Gulen, Norway
25 July:  Fabrikken 2015, Huglo, Norway
11 Aug:  Øya Festival, Oslo, Norway
14 Aug:  Festivalen Sin, Moss, Norway
03 Sept:  Betong, Oslo, Norway
04 Sept:  Ålvik Rock, Ålvik, Norway

More information about TIEBREAKER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at

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