Avantgarde Music have revealed a track from “Lupercalia”, the debut full-length album from Atmospheric Black Metallers SELVANS.  With the album, set for release on the 19th October,  the track “O Clitumne!” can be heard below and at http://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/album/lupercalia

“Lupercalia” is composed of six-tracks  which last  an average of 10 minutes each, and the CD version will unusually appear in A5 Digpack format, in keeping with SELVANS’ concept of recreating the folklore of Italy’s ancient peoples by means of visuals as well as through the band’s music and lyrics.  As frontman Selvans Haruspex explains: “For the artwork for “Lupercalia” we chose once again to work  with  Diletta of E.B.A. Art.  The work she did on our EP “Clangores Plenilunio” brought to life my original designs in an fantastic way, and we decided that the A5 format would be the best medium for her extraordinary art”.

As well as the CD and Digital formats, “Lupercalia” will be available in a Limited Edition boxed version, strictly limited to 100 copies.  The box is made of heavy wood with the SELVANS’ Faun fire-etched on the top and includes the A5 digibook CD, a certificate card numbered and smudged in blood by the band members themselves, a metal badge with the SELVANS symbol “Sistrum” and a large (60×42 cm) full colour cover art poster.

The CD and Boxed version are now available to pre-order at http://www.avantgardemusic.bigcartel.com/artist/selvans 

The  lineup on the album itself comprises  Selvans Haruspex on keyboards, traditional instruments, vocals and  programming,  and Sethlans Fulguriator on guitars and bass, and was recorded at  the Faunalia Studios and in Patrizio Tamborriello’s Soluzioni Audio.

Tracklisting on “Lupercalia” as follows:

1- Matavitatau
2- Versipellis
3- O Clitumne!
4- Hirpi Sorani
5- Scurtchìn
6- N.A.F.H.

SELVANS will support Niklas Kvarforth’s SHINING on the Italian leg of their tour in November.   Confirmed live dates as follows:
05 Nov: Traffic Club, Rome (with SHINING)
06 Nov: Circolo Colony, Brescia (with SHINING)
07 Nov: Alchemica Music Club, Bologna (with SHINING)

More information about SELVANS can be found on the band’s website at http://www.templeofselvans.com/   and on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/templeofselvans

The band recently released a video teaser for “Lupercalia” which can be seen below and on SELVANS’ YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/ESHCLMGrBmA

SELVAN’s EP  “Clangores Plenilunio” can be heard at http://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/album/clangores-plenilunio

Website: http://www.templeofselvans.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/templeofselvans
BandCamp: https://selvans.bandcamp.com/track/lupercale-single-edit
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/templeofselvans
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/templeofselvans
Twitter: https://twitter.com/selvans_
Instagram:  http://instagram.com/selvans_official
Webshop: http://selvans.bigcartel.com/
Band Contact & Booking:  info@templeofselvans.com
Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com
Avantgarde Music
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For the many fans of HADES ALMIGHTY the long wait is finally over as the band is set to release a new EP, the first studio release from the band since 2001.  The three-track Digi EP, titled “Pyre Era, Black!” will hit the streets on Dark Essence Records on the 23 October and serves as an introduction to a new era for the legendary Norwegian band, as well as a taste of what to expect from  what will be the band’s fifth full-length album which is due for release next year.

Photography for the artwork for “Pyre Era, Black!” is by Christian Misje.  Track listing as follows:

1.  Pyre Era, Black!
2. Funeral Storm
3. Bound

Last year it was announced that founding member and vocalist/bassist Janto was quitting the band on the best of terms, and that co-founders,  guitarist Jorn (ex-DOMINANZ, ex-OLD FUNERAL, ex-IMMORTAL, ex-AMPUTATION)  and drummer Remi,  would be searching for a replacement.  The replacement chosen  turned out to be no stranger to  black metal fans when it was revealed that Ask Ty (KAMPFAR, KRAKOW) would take on vocal duties  and that once again HADES ALMIGHTY would be making its mark as one of the great Norwegian Black Metal bands.

Originally formed in 1992 as HADES, the band changed their name to HADES ALMIGHTY in 1998 due to the pre-existence of a US band of the same name.  Things on the recording front have been quiet in the fourteen years since the release of HADES ALMIGHTY’s  fourth full-length album, “The Pulse of Decay”, but  the band itself has not let the grass grow too long under their feet by being relatively active on the live scene.  Nor, it would seem, have they lost any of their studio skills as “Pyre Era, Black!” amply demonstrates.

It is an EP that hints at the pitch black, epic sound that originally made HADES ALMIGHTY so unique, but with additional new elements, not least the outstanding vocals of their new frontman that give the character and depth fans have grown to expect from the band.  There are some who might have wondered how Ask Ty, well known for his drumming skills,  would be able to handle vocals, but this is not his first outing behind the microphone, having performed vocals both in the studio and live for KAMPFAR and KRAKOW,  and “Pyre Era, Black!” demonstrates just how versatile he is.

HADES ALMIGHTY’s first live appearance with the new lineup will take place in the Netherlands at the Aurora Infernalis festival in Arnhem on the 24th October,  followed by an appearance at Bergen’s Black Metal and Tattoo festival BlekkMetal in Bergen on the 13th November

More information about HADES ALMIGHTY can be found on the band’s new Facebook page at at https://www.facebook.com/hadesalmightyofficial

The official video for the track “Submission Equals Suicide” from HADES ALMIGHTY’s album “The Pulse of Decay” can be seen below at http://youtu.be/QOeTGUwcz98

Tracks from all of DARK ESSENCE RECORDS releases can be heard below and at http://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records/sets/dark-essence-records

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadesalmightyofficial
Website:  http://www.hades-almighty.com/
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With their debut full-length album “Solar Storm” set for release on Karisma Records on the 6th October , and with an extensive European tour supporting LEPROUS about to begin, Prog Metallers RENDEZVOUS POINT have today debuted a new music video for the track “Para”, which also serves as a chance to hear a track from the new  album.  Directed by David Solbjørg at Twichy Films, the video has been debuted on legacy.de and can be seen at http://www.legacy.de/

RENDEZVOUS POINT’s individual members come from a variety of different musical backgrounds ranging from Classical to Pop to Metal, and several members play in some of Norway’s top bands.  The  lineup, which is composed of Geirmund Hansen on vocals, Baard Kolstad on drums (LEPROUS, BORKNAGAR, ICS VORTEX), Petter Hallaråker on guitar (ICS VORTEX, SOLEFALD), Nicolai Tangen Svennæs on keyboards (EMILIE NICOLAS) and Gunn-Hilde Erstad on bass, create a unique sound which is able to balance a mix of technicality, heavy riffs, epic harmonies and breathtaking melodies.

“Solar Storm” pushes the boundaries of the Progressive Metal genre with its unique sound and compositions.  The album was, for the most part, written by keyboardist Svennæs and guitarist Hallaråker, with the rest of the band taking care of the arrangements.  It is this collaborative effort that allows the listener to hear touches of each of the musician’s characteristic sound, such as Kolstad’s intense rhythms and Hansen’s beautiful melodies.  It was Hansen and bass guitarist Gunn-Hilde Erstad who collaborated with the lyrics for “Solar Storm,  whose subject focuses on human relations and self-destructive behaviour.

Mixed by Christer  André Cederberg and Jens Bogren, and mixed and mastered by Tony Lindgren,  all at Fascination Street Studios, and with album art by Costin Chioreanu, track listing for the seven-track album is as follows

1. Through The Solar Storm
2. Wasteland
3. Para
4. The Hunger
5. Mirrors
6. The Conclusion pt.1
7. The Conclusion pt.2

Routing for RENDEZVOUS POINT’s upcoming tour with LEPROUS and SPHERE as follows:

25/09: Garage, Bergen (NO)
26/09: Familien, Trondheim (NO)
02/10: Forbraendingen, Copenhagen (DK)
03/10: Euroblast Festival, Cologne (DE)
05/10: Le Divan Du Monde, Paris (FR)
06/10: Le Ferrailleur, Nantes  (FR)
08/10: RCA Club,  Lisbon  (PT)
09/10: Caracol, Madrid (ES)
10/10: Garaje , Murcia (ES)
11/10: Apolo 2, Barcelona (ES)
12/10: Ninkasi Kao, Lyon (FR)
13/10: Garage, London  (UK)
14/10: Ruby Lounge , Manchester  (UK)
15/10: The Fleece, Bristol (UK)
16/10: Jan Hertog, Maasmechelen  (BE)
17/10: Substage , Karlsruhe (DE)
18/10: Backstage Club, Munich (DE)
19/10: Legend Club, Milan (IT)
20/10: Kiff, Aarau  (CH)
22/10: Rockstadt , Brasov  (RO)
23/10: Dom Omladine, Belgrade (SB)
24/10: Majestic Club, Bratislava (SK)
25/10: Nova Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)
26/10: Progresja , Warsaw  (PL)
27/10: Rockcafe , Riga (LV)
28/10: Nosturi , Helsinki (FI)
30/10: Bryggarsalen , Stockholm  (SE)
31/10: John Dee, Oslo (NO)

The band will additionally be holding a Release Concert at Trashpop @ Aladdin Scene, in Kristiansand, Norway, on the 1st October.

More information about RENDEZVOUS POINT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RendezvousPointOfficial

The official video for the track “Wasteland”, from RENDEZVOUS POINT’S album “Solar Storm”, and which was released as a single earlier this year, can be seen below and  on the band’s YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/of2BlUjjs8k

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at http://soundcloud.com/karisma-records/sets/karisma-records

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Rendezvous Point on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/RendezvousPointBand

With their debut full-length album “Born in Thorns” newly released, the 3RD ATTEMPT, the new band from former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort (GREEN CARNATION, ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST, ex EMPEROR, ex BLOOD RED THRONE) and BloodPervertor ( ex-CARPATHIAN FOREST) have debuted a lyric video for the track “Sons of the Winter”.  With live footage shot by Svein Erik Nomeland of Artistfoto.no at  the band’s recent appearance at the Southern Discomfort Festival, and with still photography by Anders Berg and Paul Sigakis, the video can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/MUSsV_Ng-4M

The 3rd ATTEMPT was formed  in late 2014, immediately following the announcement by the two guitarists that they were quitting CARPATHIAN FOREST, one of Norway’s most iconic Black Metal bands.  The duo were driven to their decision by a need to work on a project that took them out of an environment where they felt they had been growing stale, and by the desire to once again feel the rush of creativity and enthusiasm they felt had been lacking over the past few years.

Former MIDNATTSVREDE vocalist  Ødemark  joined the band after an internet search that drew applicants from all over the world, both from new and well known bands, and the lineup was completed by drummer Tybalt (FORTID, DEN SAAKALDTE).  After considering a number of offers from various labels, the 3rd ATTEMPT inked a deal with Bergen’s Dark Essence Records which led to the release of “Born in Thorns” on the 25th September of this year,  in both CD and digital formats, with a vinyl edition set to be released in December.

Having already appeared at a number of festivals in Norway, the 3rd ATTEMPT will be joining label-mates TAAKE for a handful of dates on the band’s upcoming European tour and will support NIKLAS KVARFORTH’s SHINING on their Norwegian dates.  Confirmed upcoming live dates as follows:

05 Oct:  Razz 3,  Barcelona, Spain (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
06 Oct:  Caracol,  Madrid, Spain (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
08 Oct:  Glazart,  Paris, France (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
09 Oct:  Underworld,  London , UK (with TAAKE + ORKAN)
26 Nov: The Garage, Bergen, Norway (with SHINING)
27 Nov: Pokalen, Oslo, Norway (with SHINING)
28 Nov: Byker Grave Festival, Newcastle, UK
19 Feb: Blastfest, Bergen, Norway

More information about the band  can be found on the band’s website at https://3rdattemptband.wordpress.com/ or on their  official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/the3rdattemptofficial

The track “Art of Domination” from the 3rd ATTEMPT’s album “Born in Thorns” can be heard below and at https://soundcloud.com/the-3rd-attempt/3rd-attempt-art-of-domination-1

Website: https://3rdattemptband.wordpress.com/
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/the3rdattemptofficial
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-3rd-attempt
Bandcamp: https://3rdattempt.bandcamp.com/
Band contact: tchort@online.no
Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com
Booking:  toni@thedamager.com
Dark Essence contact: post@karismarecords.no
Dark Essence Records: www.darkessencerecords.no
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Norwegian Rockers TIEBREAKER have debuted a music video for a track from their upcoming album “We Come From The Mountains”.  The video for the track “Nicotine”, by Gregor from tripidea.com and studio production by Kjetil Ulland,  together with an interview with TIEBREAKER guitarist Eirik Wik Haug can be seen can be seen exclusively on Metal Hammer at http://metalhammer.teamrock.com/features/2015-09-24/metal-hammer-are-premiering-tiebreaker-s-new-video

TIEBREAKER are set to embark on a 12 date Norwegian tour in support of ENSLAVED.  Routing for the tour as follows:

30 Sep:  Buen Hulturhus, Mandal
01 Oct:  Folken, Stavanger
02 Oct:  Høvleriet, Haugesund
08 Oct:  Ælvespeilet Kulturhus, Porsgrunn
09 Oct:  Jevnaker Hallen, Jevnaker
10 Oct:  Energimølla, Kongsberg
16 Oct:  Arena, Stord
17 Oct:  Østsia, Kristiansand
21 Oct:  Terminalen, Alesund
22 Oct:  Blæst, Trondheim
23 Oct:  Gregers, Hamar
24 Oct:  Musikkflekken, Sandvika

“We Come From The Mountains” was originally self-released by the band in Norway  in 2014, and Karisma Records will release the album internationally on the 6th November.  It’s an album filled with TIEBREAKER’s classic 70’s sound brought up to date with a dirty contemporary blues sound that will please fans of  LED ZEPPELIN, RIVAL SONS, and DEEP PURPLE .

Artwork is by Robert Høyem from Overhaus (www.overhaus.no).  Tracklisting on “We Come From The Mountains” as follows:

1.Early Morning Love Affair
2. Nicotine
3. Homebound pt 1
4. The Getaway
5. Where can Love Go Wrong
6. El Macho Supreme
7. Trembling Son
8. Homebound pt 2
9. Walk Away

The band was formed in 2011 in Odda, Hordaland, by five childhood friends, Thomas Espeland Karlsen on vocals, Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad on guitars, Patrick Andersson on bass and Pål Gunnar Dale on drums.  The band’s lineup took the ethos of hard work that had been instilled into them by their industrial heritage, and applied it to the music scene, making more than 200 live appearances since 2013, and gaining a large following and a solid reputation for high energy shows.

TIEBREAKER are currently working on what will be the band’s sophomore full-length album and more information about the band can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Tiebreakertheband

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at https://soundcloud.com/karisma-records/sets/karisma-records

Tiebreaker on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Tiebreakertheband
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Originally formed several years ago by frontman Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL, DOEDSVANGR),  Norwegian Black Metallers SVARTELDER have hit the ground running after a lengthy hiatus.  With a freshly inked two-album deal with the Dusktone label, and with a new lineup that includes members of CARPATHIAN FOREST, IN THE WOODS, DEN SAAKALDTE, PANTHEON I and OLD FOREST, SVARTELDER are gearing up to bring their particular take on Norwegian Black Metal  to a wider audience.

As well as the two full-length albums, the first of which is set to appear in early 2016, Dusktone will also physically release the band’s “Askebundet” EP, which has so far only appeared in digital format.  The CD version will include an additional bonus track that is not available on the three-track digital version, and will hit the streets later this year.

Aside from Doedsadmiral on vocals, SVARTELDER’s new lineup is comprised of Maletoth on bass and guitars, AK-47 on drums, and Kobold on keys.  The inclusion of these highly skilled and experienced musicians  into SVARTELDER’s ranks  has expanded the band’s original sound, which is firmly rooted in Norwegian Black Metal, into something much more fresh and varied, with each member bring with them  their own set of influences and a variety of different elements.

It’s no mystery as to where the musicians come from, but who each individual musician actually is still remains a mystery to some.  “We really did want to be judged on our output with SVARTELDER as opposed to being compared to the various members’ previous work,” explains Doedsadmiral.  “To that end most of the band members have used different names, but from what we have seen on the internet  and the messages we’re receiving, most people are already guessing who it is that’s doing what!”

The band is currently working on their debut full-length album and more  information about SVARTELDER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Svartelder

The track “Ingen Vet Jeg Var…”  can be heard below and on the band’s BandCamp page at https://svartelder.bandcamp.com/track/ingen-vet-jeg-var 

Alternatively it can be heard on YouTube below and at https://youtu.be/SUys5Xwjlnc

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Svartelder
BandCamp: https://svartelder.bandcamp.com/
SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/svartelderofficial
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVeDEaDys9CBykcr9lWRBeQ
Band Contact:   Svartelderofficial@gmail.com
Management & PR:  patriciathomas@btinternet.com
Dusktone:  http://www.dusktone.eu/
Contact: info@dusktone.eu

Within a very few short months of announcing the band’s formation, Scandinavian Black Metallers NORDJEVEL have inked a two album deal with France’s Osmose Productions, and, whilst no exact date for the debut full-length album has been set, it is expected that the album, which will be titled “Nordjevel”,  will appear before the end of the year.

New though the band may be, its members, which include Doedsadmiral (SVARTELDER, DOEDSVANGR) on vocals, Nord (FATAL IMPACT, TVANGESTE, BYRDI) on guitars and bass, and Fredrik Widigs (MARDUK) on drums, have a wealth of experience and include some prominent musicians from the Scandinavian scene. It is a lineup whose debut track instantly caused a flurry of interest amongst Black Metal fans and media alike, and attracted a number of offers from serious labels.

Commenting on the decision to sign with Osmose, the band said: “They offered us a very good deal of course, but they also didn’t tie us up with a lot of conditions and restrictions which was a very important factor for us . The label has also worked with SLAGMAUR, which is one of our manager’s bands, so everyone already knows how everyone else works, and hopefully it will all be a seamless operation and a strong partnership”.

NORDJEVEL was founded by frontman Doedsadmiral (who was formerly known as Djevel, but who changed his name for the sake of consistency in all his projects) and guitarist Nord earlier this year, when, following a series of conversations the two found that they shared the same views on Black Metal, the Occult and the origins of Norway.  The two Norwegians were soon joined by Sweden’s Fredrik Widigs on drums, who fitted right in and contributed significantly to the writing and arranging on the album. Whilst Widigs’ commitment to his other projects pretty much preclude him from committing to appearing live with the band on anything other than the odd occasion, he is, nevertheless a full-time and committed studio member.

NORDJEVEL, which translated means “Northern Devil” are currently putting the finishing touches to the album and the artwork, which itself promises to be something very special, and are preparing for live appearance.  It has already been revealed that TROLL’s Nagash will be one of the guests on the album, and more information will be revealed in the near future.

As a taste of what to expect NORDJEVEL recently debuted the track “Denne Tidløse Krigsdom” both on SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/nordjevelofficial/denne-tidlose-krigsdom  and on YouTube in a video by Prometheus Art & Design, and which can be seen below or at https://youtu.be/MVhzOjhJNOI

More information about NORDJEVEL can be found on the band’s website at http://nordjevel.moonfruit.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nordjevelofficial

The track “Denne Tidløse Krigsdom” can be heard below and at https://soundcloud.com/nordjevelofficial/denne-tidlose-krigsdom

Website: http://nordjevel.moonfruit.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/nordjevelofficial
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nordjevelofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQBQPM_iEe9kJeZq_nFdcug
Band Contact:  nordjevel@gmail.com
Management & PR: info@pthomasmanagement.com
Osmose Productions: http://www.osmoseproductions.com/
Osmose Bandcamp: http://osmoseproductions.bandcamp.com/
Contact: osmoseproductions@gmail.com