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UK Experimental Doomsters ESOTERIC are hard at work on what will be the bands seventh full-length album and the follow up to 2011’s “Paragon of Dissonance”.  As the band explain, this pretty much means that for the rest of the year they will be concentrating on preparation and recording:  “We will be playing a few one-off shows and festivals, but we don’t intend to take part in any tours this year as we want our main focus to be on the album. If all goes to plan we hope to complete the writing by the end of 2015. The cycle continues…”

The departure last year of keyboard player Jan Krause has not affected the ability of the line up of Gordon Bicknell on Guitar,  Mark Bodossian on Bass,  Greg Chandler on Guitar and Vocals,  Joe Fletcher on Drums, and  Jim Nolan on Guitar, to crack on with the new album, nor has it stopped them playing live while they search for a replacement.  With an appearance at Bergen’s Blastfest already behind them, other confirmed dates include a show at The Boston Music Room in London along with AHAB on the 4th of July, and the 20th Anniversary celebration of Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic  in August.

As well as the new album, ESOTERIC also have other releases on their mind, which vinyl fans will definitely appreciate.  “We plan to release “The Pernicious Enigma” and “Metamorphogenesis” on vinyl, which are the two remaining albums from our back catalogue that haven’t yet been released in this format.   After that we will be re-releasing our first two albums on CD, but we will have more details about everything we’re planning to do as we go along.

“The Pernicious Enigma” has actually been transferred from the original multitrack tapes, and remixed and remastered at the Priory Recording Studios for the vinyl release.  Having never been happy with the original mix of the album, we were able to go over the tracks and bring out some of the details that were buried or subdued in the original release, without changing the overall feel of the album “.

And is there any news about a much-requested live album?  “It’s definitely something we’ve always had in the back of our minds, but it’s not a question we can give a definitive answer to right now”, commented the band.  “It’s true that we recorded the show in Brescia,Italy, in January, but finding the time to work on it is going to be very hard, especially with a new studio album in the offing.  We will try to find the time to mix the live recording in the coming months and then we will look at the possibility of a release”.

More information about ESOTERIC can be found on the band’s website at http://www.esotericuk.net/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/esotericukofficial

A video of ESOTERIC performing the track “The Blood of the Eyes” live can be seen below and at http://youtu.be/UZK-zeuEAAw

Seven tracks from ESOTERIC can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at https://soundcloud.com/esotericuk/sets/esoteric

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/esotericukofficial
Website: www.esotericuk.net
BandCamp: https://esotericuk.bandcamp.com/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/esotericuk
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Band Contact & Booking: greg@sinistrous.demon.co.uk
Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com

With their fourth full-length album “King For A Day”  set to be released on Karisma Records on the 25th May,  Norwegian Prog Rockers MAGIC PIE have debuted  a music video for the opening track  from the upcoming release on Prog Magazine – Team Rock.  The video for “Trick Of The Trade” can be seen at http://prog.teamrock.com/news/2015-04-17/magic-pie-reveal-trick-of-the-trade

Formed in Moss, Norway in 2001, MAGIC PIE have become a household name on the Prog Scene with their blend of Classic Prog and 70’s Hard Rock inspired by bands such as SPOCKS BEARD, DREAM THEATER, GENESIS, PINK FLOYD, THE FLOWER KINGS, TRANSATLANTIC, KANSAS, DEEP PURPLE, YES etc., and  consequently “King For A Day” is an album that is very much anticipated by Prog fans.

With artwork by Chris van der Linden of Linden Artworks and  mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (SPOCKS BEARD, TRANSATLANTIC, NEAL MORSE, DREAM THEATER etc.) at The Mouse House Studios in Los Angeles, “King For A Day”  contains six tracks of Prog Rock that is at times melodic and epic, and, at others, heavy, and showcases the band’s superb vocal harmonies and skilled musicianship.  It is now available to pre-order direct from Karisma Records at http://karismarecords.bigcartel.com/artist/magic-pie

Track listing for “King For A Day” as follows:
1 – Trick Of The Trade (6:09)
2 – Introversion (12:24)
3 – According To Plan (6:35)
4 – Tears Gone Dry (12:14)
5 – The Silent Giant (5:22)
6 – King For A Day (27:29)

MAGIC PIE’s lineup of songwriter and producer Kim Stenberg on guitars and vocals,  lyricist and melody co-writer Eirikur Hauksson (well known for his work with artists such as ARTCH, KEN HENSLEY and KERRS PINK)  on lead vocals and guitar, Eirik Hanssen on vocals and guitar, Jan Torkild Johannessen on drums,  Erling Henanger on keyboards and backing vocals and Lars Petter Holstad on bass and backing vocals, will play two  shows in Norway to celebrate the release of “King For A Day”, the first being  at the Parkteatret in Moss on the 13th May and the second at We Låve Rock In Hurum 2015 at the Holm Gård in Holmsbu, on the 23 May.  Additional live and festival appearances will be announced soon.

More information about MAGIC PIE can be found on the band’s website at http://www.magicpie.net/  or on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/magicpieband

Fan-filmed footage of MAGIC PIE performing at ROSfest can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/HY_JNuK8AmI

Tracks from all of Karisma Records releases can be heard below and at http://soundcloud.com/karisma-records/sets/karisma-records

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Magic Pie on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/magicpieband
Magic Pie on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/KimStenberg1975
Management and Booking:  JT@magicpie.no

Dark Essence Records, a label well known for working with some of the top Norwegian acts such as TAAKE, have cast their net a little further from their own shores this time, and signed Greece’s LUCIFER’s CHILD, the band formed by ROTTING CHRIST and former CHAOSTAR member George Emmanuel and NIGHTFALL’s Stathis Ridis.

Emmanuel and Ridis first formed the band in Athens, Greece,  in 2013, with the aim of performing the kind of music that would serve as a spiritual introduction to the atmospheric world of a Summoning.  LUCIFER’S CHILD sets out to create a unity between the music itself and the spiritual idea behind each song that they present to their audience, and, it is that  ritualistic energy, combined with the electrifying sound of Black Metal,  that characterises the band’s own sound.

Aside from George Emmanuel on guitars and Stathis Ridis on bass, LUCIFER’S CHILD’s lineup also includes Marios Dupont on vocals and Nick Vell on drums.   The band’s debut album “The Wiccan” was recorded during the summer of 2014 in Athens, and Dark Essence Records anticipate its release later this year.

More information about LUCIFER’S CHILD can be found on the band’s website at www.luciferschild.net   or on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/luciferschildmusic

“Hors de Combat” a track from LUCIFER’s CHILD can be heard above and on the band’s SoundCloud page at https://soundcloud.com/luciferschildmusic/hors-de-combat

Tracks from all of DARK ESSENCE RECORDS releases can be heard below and at http://soundcloud.com/dark-essence-records/sets/dark-essence-records

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Despite a history spanning over two decades, iconic Norwegian Black Metallers TAAKE have never previously  toured in North America, but  that is about to change with the band set to headline their first ever tour of the continent in June of this year.  Joining them on the thirteen-date tour will be US bands WOLVHAMMER for the whole tour, and YOUNG AND IN THE WAY for selected dates.  Routing as follows:

With Wolvhammer
14 June,  Brighton Music Hall , Allston, MA
15 June,  Théâtre Plaza  Montreal, QC
16 June,  Hard Luck,  Toronto, ON
17 June,  The Loft,   Lansing, MI
18 June, The Foundry, Lakewood, OH
19 June,  Altar Bar,  Pittsburgh, PA
20 June,  Cobra Lounge, Chicago, IL
21 June  Riot Room, Kansas City, MO
With Wolvhammer and Young And In The Way
22 June,  Fubar, St Louis, MO
23 June,  Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
24 June,  New Mountain, Asheville, NC
25 June,  Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD
26 June,  Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY

With their signature Helnorsk Svartmetall sound, which succeeds in staying  true to its Black Metal roots , whilst at the same time providing a freshness and originality that is all too often lacking today,  TAAKE has risen to iconic status not only in Norway, but world-wide.  Founder Hoest has proved time and again that his reputation as one of the best frontmen around is more than well-deserved.

“Stridens Hus”, the band’s sixth-full length, was released on Dark Essence Records at the end of last year, and in the same year TAAKE also released the  four-track “Kulde”  MCD on Svartekunst Produksjoner  and limited to 700 copies.

More information about TAAKE can be found on the band’s website at http://taake.svartekunst.no/  or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/taakeofficial

The official video for the track “Nordbundet” from the TAAKE album “Noregs Vaapen” can be seen below and at http://youtu.be/OAIIbnrYC7Q

Eight  tracks from TAAKE can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at http://soundcloud.com/taake-official/sets/taake

Taake Website: http://taake.svartekunst.no/
Taake on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taakeofficial
Taake WebShop: http://svartekunst.bigcartel.com/
Svartekunst Produksjoner: http://svartekunst.no
Taake Management & Booking: Propulsion Music http://www.propulsionmusic.no/
email: bjornar.erevik.nilsen@gmail.com

Dark Essence Records contact and promo: post@karismarecords.no
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Since the release of their third full length album “The Revolution is Dead!”  in 2012, BLUTMOND have been busy on the live circuit with various club and festival appearances and a tour with VULTURE INDUSTRIES and DORDEDUH under their belts, as well as a lineup change that saw two new members join the band.  However, despite all this activity,  things may have seemed a little quiet on the new album front.

But things are rarely what they seem, and today the Swiss Extreme Metallers have issued an update on how things are progressing, and what fans can look forward to when it comes to the band’s fourth full-length album.  “It has been very quiet around us” states BLUTMOND guitarist John,  ” I can’t deny that I had some trouble finding the muse again for the new album, something that obviously  drove me insane. But since the tour I’m back in the game and let me assure you we’re freaking cooking.

“Since we’re not currently signed to a label for this album, we weren’t really under any time constrictions, but my personal goal was to finish writing the demo tracks by  the end

of March and we’re now in the pre-recording  stage.  Compared  to “The Revolution is Dead!”, the music on the new album will have  much less of a polished Hollywood movie feel about it, and  way more of a Ground Zero adventure.  It’s going to be VERY dark, whilst still retaining the hallmarks of what we have done previously, but  don’t expect any “True Norwegian Black Metal” vibes.  We have grown so much as songwriters,  and we’ve learned so many things over the last few years, and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction when they hear what we’ve been working on”.

Formed in Olten, Switzerland in 2004, BLUTMOND released their debut full length album, “Endzeit”, in 2006. With a growing reputation for insane and provocative live shows, the band’s profile was raised not only in the Swiss underground but throughout Europe as well, but, whilst their reputation grew, so did the realisation that musically the band wanted to expand their horizons away from the Black Metal they had originally set out to play.  The sophomore full-length album, “Thirteen Urban Ways 4 Groovy Bohemian Days” appeared in 2010 and set the band on a more avant-garde path, but one that had a distinctive edge to it.

BLUTMOND’s lineup today includes  John (TOTGEBURT, Session ANNA MURPHY) on vocals and guitars, Jerry (ex EISTHRON, TOTENWINTER, TOTGEBURT) on vocals and bass,  Marc (SCHAMMASCH) on sax and guitars, Simon (ex FRAGMENTS OF FAITH, IN FREQUENCY) on guitars, and Fabio (KHALDERA) on drums and samples.  The band’s next live appearance will be at Le Manoir Pub in Saint-Maurice, Valais, Switzerland on the 23 May.

More information about BLUTMOND can be found on the band’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/blutmond.official

BLUTMOND’s albums can be heard on the band’s BandCamp page at https://blutmond.bandcamp.com/

A video of BLUTMOND performing “You Vs. The Modern Lifestyle Obsession” live can be seen below and at https://youtu.be/qccMROmzL6Y

Six tracks from BLUTMOND can be heard below and on the band’s SoundCloud page at https://soundcloud.com/blutmondofficial/sets/blutmond

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blutmond.official
Bandcamp: http://blutmond.bandcamp.com/
Webshop: http://blutmondbebopstore.bigcartel.com/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/blutmond_ch
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Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqdEvxCYbHc-6-XBxwqYFg
Web Site: http://www.blutmond.ch/
Band Contact and Booking: totenstille@blutmond.ch
Management and Booking: patriciathomas@btinternet.com

Fresh from releasing their debut EP, the five-track “Clangores Plenilunio” on Avantgarde Music, Italian Black Folk Metallers SELVANS have announced that they have begun recording the band’s first full-length album .   Work on the album is expected to be completed by the summer, and released on Avantgarde Music in late 2015. To be titled “Lupercalia”, the album will be made up of 5 suites lasting in total around an hour.  The suites have been inspired and influenced by ancient Italian history and folklore.  It will be very much a continuation of what was started with “Clangores Plenilunio”, whose music is filled with the Italic spirit and redolent with its mysticism. SELVANS rose from the ashes DRAUGR , who called it a day after ten years at the top of the Italian scene.  The band’s lineup  is composed of former DRAUGR members Selvans Haruspex on keyboards, traditional instruments, vocals and programming,  and  Sethlans Fulguriator on guitars and bass.  The two musicians form the core of SELVANS and bring in session musicians for live appearances.  “Clangores Plenilunio” is the band’s tribute to founder member and friend, the much respected drummer Jonny Morelli, whose tragic death in a motor bike accident meant the EP was to be his last ever contribution to the music world. A never-before heard track from “Lupercalia” will be debuted live on the 3rd of May when SELVANS supports NECROPHOBIC at Tipografia in Pescara. More information about SELVANS can be found on the band’s website at http://www.templeofselvans.com/   and on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/templeofselvans “Lupercale”, a track from SELVANS’ “Clangores Plenilunio” EP can be heard below and at https://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/album/clangores-plenilunio

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Website: http://www.templeofselvans.com/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/templeofselvans BandCamp: https://selvans.bandcamp.com/track/lupercale-single-edit SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/templeofselvans YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/templeofselvans Twitter: https://twitter.com/selvans Instagram:  http://instagram.com/selvans_official Webshop: http://selvans.bigcartel.com/ Band Contact & Booking:  info@templeofselvans.com Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com Avantgarde Music Website: http://www.avantgardemusic.com/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/avantgardemusiclabel Contact: info@avantgardemusic.com

Former CARPATHIAN FOREST guitarists Tchort and Bloodpervertor certainly hit the ground running when they formed their new band THE 3rd ATTEMPT.  In under a year they have managed to audition musicians and get themselves a fully rehearsed lineup which made its live debut at one of Norway’s biggest festivals,  sifted through a selection of offers from labels before settling on Dark Essence Records,  and have written and prepared all the material for their debut full-length album.

And,  April 17th will see them enter the Dub Studio in Oslo, to begin recording their new album with producer Endre Kirkesola, who has worked with bands such as BLOOD RED THRONE, CHROME DIVISION, URGEHAL, TSJUDER, GREEN CARNATION, CARPATHIAN FOREST.  Aside from working with some of Norway’s greats in the studio, Kirkesola is also THE 3rd ATTEMPT’s live sound engineer, a job he also performed for IMMORTAL.

“We are really looking forward to begin recording the album,” commented guitarist Tchort.  “The whole process of setting up the band and getting on stage for the first time with THE 3rd ATTEMPT has been a real boost, not just in terms of creativity, but also in terms of a renewed enthusiasm for performing.  It was a boost we had really been in dire need of over the past few years”.

Photos and videos from the studio will be posted on THE 3rd ATTEMPT’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/the3rdattemptofficial, and it is anticipated that the album will be released on Dark Essence Records towards the end of the year.

THE 3rd ATTEMPT recently debuted an unfinished demo track “The Beast Within”, which also features CARPATHIAN FOREST’s Daniel Vrangsinn on bass and Anders Kobro on drums, and which was  used in a shortened form for the  vocalist auditions.  “The Beast Within” can be heard below and on THE 3rd ATTEMPT’s SoundCloud page at   https://soundcloud.com/the-3rd-attempt/the-3rd-attempt-the-beast-within-demo-track


The band’s next live appearance will be at the Southern Discomfort Metal Festival, in Kristiansand, Norway, in September.

More information about THE 3rd ATTEMPT can be found on the official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/the3rdattemptofficial

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/the3rdattemptofficial
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/the-3rd-attempt
Band contact: tchort@online.no
Management & PR: patriciathomas@btinternet.com
Dark Essence contact: post@karismarecords.no
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